+90 543 335 8070

How can I book a transfer?

To book a transfer you can use the form provided on our webpage or send us an e-mail with your details to info@dalyanholidayexperts.com 

How short in advance can I book a transfer?

We would ask you to give us at least 3 hours time to make sure your transfer will be at the airport in time. Please notice that our base is in Dalyan. Your booking will be confirmed via mail or message.  After you get this mail/message your transfer is arranged and confirmed and will wait for you at the airport. Please be aware if you book in very short advance that a short waiting time can occur. 

Where will I meet the driver and how can I recognize him?

Our drivers are wearing yellow shirt with our logo on it. The driver will wait with your name board outside at the airport. When you come out of the airport building our driver will wait for on the side or downstairs by the stairs. Look out for your name board and the yellow shirt. If you can` t find the driver please call immediately 0090 543 335 8070 so we can coordinate with the driver.  

Will the driver wait for me in case of a delayed flight?

Yes, the driver is checking your flight details and will be aware if a delay occurs. Just make sure that your flight number and arrival date you provide us is correct.

What type of transfers are you providing?

Our transfers are VIP transfer which means the driver waits just for you and brings you directly to your destination. Our cars are comfortable and air-conditioned. You will not need to wait for other passengers. This way you will start your holiday without stress.

We are not offering collective transfers.

One of our group members has a wheelchair/electric wheelchair. Is there enough space to store it?

Yes we can store a wheelchair/electric wheelchair. It is very important that you let us know during your reservation so we can provide you a vehicle according to this.

Are you providing baby seats / booster seats?

Yes we can provide baby seats or booster seats free of charge. Please let us know when you make a reservation that you require one.

Are the prices for the transfer per person?

No, our prices are per vehicle.

How can I pay for my transfer and do I need to pay a deposit?

No we are not charging a deposit. Please pay on arrival to our driver. We are accepting Cash in British Pound, Euro, Dollar and Turkish Lira.  If you are staying in Dalyan you can also come to our office and pay for the transfer. We are only accepting Cash.

Are there any hidden charges I need to be aware of?

No, our prices include all costs like parking fees, taxes, fuel and insurance. There will be no extra charges for you.

How can I cancel my transfer?

If you want to cancel your transfer please send us an email, whats app message or use our live chat. We need a notice of minimum 24 hours before your transfer. Cancellations later than 24 hours are not accepted.

My flight details / accommodation details changed since I made the reservation. What do I need to do?

Please let us know about any changes as soon as possible. You can send us an e-mail, whats app message or use our live chat on the website.

How can I book a tour with you?

You can book a tour by using Contact Form on our website, writing us in Instagram/Facebook Account, calling +905433358070 or visiting our office.

What is included in the price?

Transfer, entrance fees, lunch and tour guide are included into the tour price.

Can I book all the tours also private and what is the price?

Yes you can book all the tours as private. For the best price please contact us.

Can I book tours last minute?

Yes, you can book tours last minute.

How long in advance do I need to make reservation?

It is needed to make reservation at least 1 day in advance to guarantee the availability.

Will I be insured during a trip?

Please be kindly informed that as we are a Travel Agency, insurance is the must. It is included in the price. You will be insured since you are in the transfer car.

Is food provided on the tours?

Lunch is included into most of tours. Some tours may include breakfast or/and dinner.

Are drinks provided on the tours?

Please be kindly informed that drinks are extra chargeable on all the tours.

How can I cancel a tour and will I get my money back?

You can cancel your tour maximum 24 Hours prior and money will be given you back. Please be informed that it is not possible to cancel the tour less than 24 Hours in advance for free of charge.

Are there any other charges extra to the tour price?

No, there are no hidden charges to the tour price except your own private expences and drinks as we mentioned above.


£652.534 TL -

Sayilan Tourism gives you one more reason to get up happy and excited in the morning, the breathtaking 12 Islands Sailing Tour where you can enjoy the turquoise sea and hot sun to its full.

£401.559 TL -

If you are the first time in Dalyan or if you can`t get enough of Dalyans beauty then you have to join that trip. If you wish, we will pick you up and bring you back to your accommodation.

£401.559 TL -

Are you ready to discover with Sayilan Tourism the most beautiful bays around Dalyan?  Our Ekincik Boat Tour starts in the morning at 9 AM.

£602.339 TL -

The Fethiye Market – Greek Village – Ölüdeniz Tour combines culture, history and fun in one day.

£351.364 TL -

For all the guests who are spending their holiday in Dalyan and who would like to see a bit of the daily life, history and culture of this area we can recommend the Koycegiz Market Boat Tour.

£552.144 TL - 8

£401.559 TL -

For our guests who want to enjoy a romantic boat trip watching the sunset while having a delicious diner we can recommend the moon light tour.

£351.364 TL -

For our guests who want to enjoy a romantic boat trip watching the sunset while having a delicious diner we can recommend the moon light tour.

£1204.678 TL -

We will start early in morning around 7 AM. We will pick you up with a comfortable and air-conditioned car and start our journey passing the Toros hills

£351.364 TL -

If you love adventure and adrenalin then you should try the rafting tour organised by Sayilan Tourism.

£401.559 TL -

The day in Saklikent is a great tour that combines adventure, adrenaline and history. This day will leave you astonished and impressed by all the beauty of the nature that you will see there.

£00 TL - All Day 09:00 - 18:00

For all of you who love the adventure and adrenaline we can offer an exciting tour to Ölüdeniz for Paragliding.

£702.729 TL -

£351.364 TL -

£451.754 TL -